BPI Sports Best BCAA Green Fusion 30 srv (Best by 01/2019)

by BPI Sports
$ 29.99 USD
$ 14.55 USD
  • Promotes Faster Muscle Recovery Time
  •  Supports Endogenous Glucose Production
  •  BCAAs Promote Lean Muscle Growth
  •  Supports Muscle Protein Synthesis
  •  Contains Fat Loss Properties

Best BCAA contains BCAAs in the oligiopeptide form to support better absorption, bio-availability, stability, solubility, and transport. BCAAs promote muscle protein synthesis helping turn the effort you put into exercise into larger, stronger muscles. Best BCAA also promotes quicker muscle recovery getting you back to the gym quicker so you can work toward your fitness goals!

Short Dated Notice:

As specified by the FDA, nutritional supplements and nutritional bars are not required to have an “Expiration” or “Best By” date. The FDA states that the best by date on nutritional supplements only specifies the last day that a supplement will be at its highest level of potency. After this date, the supplement may lose some of its potency (Usually 10% loss in potency every 2-3 months). The FDA’s website states; “nutritional supplements, in general, are safe to use well past the “Best By” or “Expiration” date.” If packaged properly and kept in a cool dry place the supplement can be, in many cases, safe for a year or two past the date.