Cellucor C4 Ultimate Shred

by Cellucor
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  • Sharpens Focus
  • Enhances Energy Levels
  • Amplifies Muscle Pumps
  • Supports the Growth of Lean Muscle Mass

Cellucor brings you an even more powerful pre-workout, with C4 Ultimate Shred. This hard-hitting formula is made to challenge you to push yourself to your limits during each workout. C4 Ultimate Shred’s Thermogenic Matrix makes use of a key blend of thermogenics, including DygloFit, Capsimax Cayenne, and Bioperine Black Pepper. These ingredients help you incinerate calories both during and after your training. This formula also uses the nootropic N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, which helps you to zero in on your fitness goals and get you the energy you need to push yourself to achieve them. The incorporation of Beta-Alanine will assist in heightening your exercise capacity by supporting muscular endurance. Push yourself beyond your limits, with C4 Ultimate Shred!