Femme Forme Shaker Bottle

by Femme Forme

Shaker cups shouldn't be ugly.
Introducing Cyclone™ Shaker. Beautiful inside and out, it's the only shaker cup in the world worthy of wearing the Femme Forme name.

The only shaker cup worthy of whatever you want in it. Finally, you can refresh and rehydrate on the go and throughout the day. Cyclone™ Shaker holds a full 22 oz. so you can enjoy cool, clean, leak-proof sipping without having to fill up every hour.

Your gym-juggling days are over. Phone. Keys. Purse. Shaker. Now you can carry them all without a problem. The convenient carrying handle is attached right to the lid so you hook it with your finger, attach it to your keys, or simply hang it on a hook so it’s ready to go.

Flush toxins. Regulate weight loss. The list goes on... About 60% of your body is water and drinking enough of it daily is essential to your overall health. If you absolutely have to be watching your water intake, make it as easy on yourself as possible.