by Myokem
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  • Gain Hard, Lean Muscle Definition for a Dry, Cut Look
  • Increased Stamina for Longer, Stronger Workouts
  • Add Size and Strength for a More Shredded Profile
  • Utilizes Clinically Researched, Natural Ingredients
  • Crushes Cravings to Support a Healthier Lifestyle

You put your blood, sweat, and tears into working out every day to develop the body you’ve always dreamed of. But even with all that work, dedication, strength and power, developing the right muscle tone and symmetry can be a daunting task. Alphadex is an all-natural, clinically researched formula designed to increase your strength and muscle mass while improving definition and tone so you can build lean, hard muscle mass. Alphadex inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen to encourage optimal muscle building and fat loss. This blend of natural extracts and organic compounds fuels chiseled muscles more effectively than other hardening agents on the market.  
From extensive lab studies to clinical trials, Alphadex was developed to be a unique estrogen blocker and hardening agent to improve your fitness and muscle tone. The human body needs a balance of estrogen and testosterone, but the enzyme known as aromatase converts androgens, particularly testosterone, into estrogen and turns roughly 20 percent of that testosterone into estrogen. But this anti-estrogen supplement inhibits aromatase, resulting in less estrogen and more testosterone. Estrogen has been linked to fat storage, particularly fat sitting just under the skin. So by reducing estrogen levels, you can increase your muscle definition. That boost in testosterone also increases the overall strength and size of your muscles, resulting in lean, hard, well-defined muscle mass. 

Alphadex utilizes premium quality, all-natural, clinically researched ingredients for a superior hardening agent and estrogen block. Myokem focuses on providing unique formulas with top quality ingredients that deliver results. They’re not afraid to use unique, exotic ingredients that most supplement makers won’t go near because they are too expensive. They don’t offer false promises and they don’t hide behind proprietary blends or use cheap fillers.  

Other supplement manufacturers tend to be more concerned with profit margins and asset turnover than their customers’ health, so they take shortcuts by using inexpensive fillers that can have scary side effects with dangerous repercussions and purchase their raw materials from shady sources with no guarantees of their freshness or potency. But Myokem uses independent, third-party Infrared and HPLC testing to ensure purity, identity verification, and dosage so they can guarantee that what’s supposed to be in your supplement is actually there. 


Take one (1) capsule in the morning with your first meal of the day. Take an additional one (1) capsule with a meal in the evening. Do not exceed two (2) capsules per day. Drink 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day while taking Alphadex. For best results, it is recommended to take Alphadex continuously for 8 weeks, followed by an off-period of 2 weeks. Each bottle lasts for a 4-week cycle.



Alphadex Lean Muscle Enhancement Matrix, Safflower Seed Extract (std. 10% Trachelosides) (Seeds), Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Extract 20:1 (Leaf), Acacetin (5,7-Dihydroxyflavone-Methoxyflavone) (Leaf), Mangosteen Extract 10:1 (Garcinia Mangostana) (Hull), Nutrient Bioavailability Enhancer, Bioperine Black Pepper Extract (std. 95% Piperine) (Piper Nigrum) (Fruit), Brown Rice Flour, Gelatin (Capsule), Magnesium Stearate, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Blue #1, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate



Alphadex is a Maximum strength lean muscle enhancing formula, and should not be consumed by persons under the age of 18. Do not exceed the recommended serving. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. If you have heart disease, diabetes, prostate, kidney, liver, or thyroid disease, or any other medical condition, or if you are taking prescription or over-the-counter medication, consult your physician or licensed healthcare professional before use. Do not use if you are taking an MAO inhibitor. Before beginning any weight loss or fitness program, consult your health-care professional. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Due to the unique restrictions of many organizations (Law Enforcement, Military, WADA, IOC, NCAA, NFL, MBA, NBA, etc.) it is recommended that you consult with the appropriate governing body before taking this or any other dietary supplement.


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