Bearded Goon Wax

by Bearded Goon

Bearded Goon Beard Wax: Ridiculously Strong, All Day Styling Control 

  • TAME UNRULY FACIAL HAIR: Whether you wear a suit and tie to work everyday or work in the great outdoors, The Bearded Goon’s Beard & Moustache Wax was designed to keep your rowdy facial hair in check. This ridiculously strong, natural wax keeps those pesky whiskers in place for a smooth hold that won’t leave your face shrubbery feeling sticky or clumpy.
  • RIDICULOUSLY STRONG STYLING HOLD FOR YOUR MUG RUG: Perfect for guys who like to add style to their beard profile. If you’re rocking facial hair that requires some hold, Bearded Goon Wax has your back. Whether you’re sporting a Rollie Fingers with a tight curl or a robust Garibaldi, the Goon has you covered with all-day hold for full control.
  • QUALITY, ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Bearded Goon’s Beard & Moustache Wax utilizes simple, natural ingredients that are free of dangerous and smelly chemicals and is made in the USA..
  • NO FOUL ODORS LIKE OTHER BRANDS: Because it’s made with all-natural ingredients, The Bearded Goon won’t dry out your facial hair and you won’t smell like you just came from the club. Unlike most other subpar facial hair waxes which tend to offend the olfactory senses, The Bearded Goon has a very mild, light earthy scent from the natural oils and beeswax that is barely noticeable, so it’s ideal for the discerning gentleman who wants to look dapper and stylish.
  • ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE: No animal testing of any kind was performed with the product, so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your flavor saver. 

If you have ever had any type of facial hair, you know from experience that no matter how many times you wash, condition and comb your beard, there are always a few stragglers that don’t want to go along with the program. Like a hair lick on your beard, there’s always a few whiskers that want to point North when the rest are going South. The Bearded Goon’s Beard & Moustache Wax was formulated to tame those troublesome, lone-wolf hairs and keep your facial hair looking neat, groomed and stylish for the rest of the day.

The Bearded Goon provides ridiculously strong, long-lasting hold for all types of facial hair styles. Whether you’re rocking the refined and stylish handlebar mustache or just going for the lumberjack look, The Goon will keep those hairs in place where they belong without hardening and creating a sticky mess in your beard.



1. Remove the wax with one finger

2. Rub wax vigorously between fingers until it becomes soft and clear

3. Apply wax to your beard or moustache to style



Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Tree Resin, Essential Oils