Extreme Muscle Building Stack for Men from Purus Labs

by Purus Labs
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This comprehensive, man-boosting bundle delivers the tools your body needs to boost strength, power & endurance. 

Limited time offer features:

  • 1 bottle of D-Pol extreme testosterone booster, 90 tablets 
  • 1 bottle of Noxygen unflavored pre-workout accelerator, 40 servings
  • 1 bottle of Condense hardcore pre workout energy drink mix powder, 40 servings (Choose your flavor!). 
Purus Labs Extreme Muscle Stack

D-Pol: The most extreme testosterone boosting supplement available, D Pol is a premium, natural male enhance supplement that boosts test levels and provides powerful vasodilation benefits. D-Pol has been clinically proven to boost testosterone while stimulating nitric oxide production. D-Pol is so powerful, it was banned by Amazon for being too strong!

Noxygen: This unique pre-workout accelerator is a must-have supplement for those who use a pre workout.  Noxygen powder is used as an additive to take your pre-workout to the next level. This nitric oxide booster offers unparalleled pump and boosts vasodilation so your muscle can get the nutrients they need.  Utilzyes Nos-T Nitrates and Hydromax glycerol to amplify oxygen production and blood flow, so you can pump up the volume on your workout. 

Condense: The ultimate pre workout supplement, Condense is a powerful energy boosting formula featuring Beta Alanine, NO3-T nitrates and 200 mg per serving of caffeine. This endurance enhancing pre-workout delivers clean energy without the jitters and crashes so you can conquer the toughest of workouts. Plus, it makes a great energy drink mix for those who just want a big energy boost throughout the day.